FLUSSI is the solo exhibition by Licia Galizia in Anna Marra Gallery. It is the galleries first time exploring the language of multimedia art. The spaces will be flooded with a liquid art, made up of interweaving disciplines, perceptive dimensions and sinusoidal curves.
Licia Galizia is a sculptor whose work has been developed by the encounter with the composers Michelangelo Lupone and Laura Bianchini, that took her work on a new dimension of dialogue with space and public. Through the creation of sculptural-musical adaptive works, Licia Galizia integrates plastic forms with music, thanks to a sound technology called "Planofoni®”, created by CRM Centro Ricerche Musicali of Rome, which allows the visitor to interact with the work and produce multiple musical variations based on touch.
The show features environmental installations and medium size sculptures which give shape to a site-specific exhibition.
The sculptures and electronic music live in perfect symbiosis integrating forms, sounds and new technologies into a single sculptural body, hybrid, sensitive and complex, able to respond to external stimuli, be they the heat of the sun or the vibrations of a hand that touches the surface. And as organisms, the most advanced machines, these works learn and memorize, so that their responses to interaction are unpredictable and always different.


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18 April 26 May 2018 | Galleria Anna Marra Contemporanea