Speech About Crysis is a group exhibition that provides a lucid and ironic interpretation of the crisis we are experiencing nowadays: all its manifold facets are investigated with the fresh and authentic attitude of artists who are still on the margins of an art system whose language and thought are grounded on standardised codes.

The exhibition begins with a deep investigation of the crisis of the ecosystem, which unrolls in all its fragility in Barbara Matera’s work Onda Anomala, digging a groove on the floor of the gallery. As in a concatenation of causes, the subjects range from the economic global crisis, ironically portrayed in Bruna Chiarle's historiated glass wall to a provocative interpretation of private property, represented by Emanuele Serafini through a car covered with scribbles (the exhibition is titled after this work), to Claudio Rivetti’s allegorical video, where the world gradually fades away, shrinking like food in a saucepan. But apart from the economic crisis, the spread and the GPD, the crisis we are being confronted with is above all interior, and affects the identity of a fragmented humankind, who is a slave to its own addictions, represented in Giovanni Presutti's project, and to its own fears objectified by Agency for Disasters and Alexandra Dementieva. This humankind hangs on to the thread of life, trying to adapt in a struggle for survival which is well portrayed in Simona Barzaghi’s oneiric vision. God only knows if the spiritual survival kit devised by Giuseppe Paolillo will save us from the end of the world.


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11 January 10 February 2013 | Galleria Emmeotto