Outside the museum, outside the white cube, into the reality, into the people’s lives. When Art is inserted into the public place, it becomes a mechanism of re-appropriation, transformation and enhancement of urban space. In this way Art becomes an empirical tool for investigating the surroundings, through the constant dialogue between curators, artists, places and local people. In a stubborn and contrary direction, against the widespread inertia of spectacle and decorative form, towards a magnificent democratization of culture and economic and social sustainability.

Isabella Indolfi’s biggest public art project is SEMINARIA, Biennial Festival of Environmental Art, that since 2011 turns on the small medieval village of Maranola, overlooking the Gulf of Gaeta.
Up today, more than 60 artists have created new and site-specific projects for SEMINARIA, conceived in dialogue with the village and its inhabitants: large-scale environmental installations, video-projections, multimedia and interactive works, murals, sculptures, performative and relational works. The exhibition path is almost one kilometer long, and it runs through alleys, public and private places. SEMINARIA is a community-based project, which is realized thanks to the passion of a group of volunteers and local people who adopt artists and open their own homes to the approximately 4000 visitors who come to the Festival every year.

Isabella Indolfi developed many other public art projects in collaboration with several festivals and institutions such as Italian Embassy in Yerevan (Armenia), Comune di Formia, XLIII and XLIV Settembre al Borgo Festival, XV Leuciana Summer Festivsal.